Definition of closed universe in English:

closed universe


  • The condition in which there is sufficient matter in the universe to halt the expansion driven by the Big Bang and cause eventual re-collapse.

    • ‘While a flat universe can extend indefinitely in all directions, the closed universe is finite.’
    • ‘Assuming the Big Bang model, a closed universe would eventually collapse back onto itself, if there was enough dark matter.’
    • ‘Wait a few billion years for the newly closed universe to stop its expansion, collapse to a singularity, and - Presto! - give birth to a brand new, energy-rich universe, to do with as you please.’
    • ‘Also, analysis of Type Ia supernovae shows that the universe's expansion rate is not slowing enough for a closed universe. It seems like there is only 40-80% of the required matter to cause a ‘big crunch’.’