Definition of closed compound in English:

closed compound


  • A word that is made up of two or more existing words and contains no spaces or hyphens, e.g. football, birthday, blackboard.

    • ‘The usual progression of a compound word is from two separate words, to a hyphenated compound, to a closed compound.’
    • ‘While the hyphenated form still appears, especially outside computer contexts, the word is most often a closed compound.’
    • ‘Depending on how they are used, two words may eventually be combined as a closed compound word.’
    • ‘British English has film-maker, night-time, newly-wed, which are all closed compounds in American English.’
    • ‘The Swedish word “diamantgruva” is a closed compound of “diamant” (diamond) and “gruva” (mine).’
    • ‘When two words are fused into one word to form a closed compound, the ending takes the plural.’
    • ‘The trend is toward joining prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms with root words to form closed compounds.’
    • ‘Hyphenated compound words are usually in the transition period from open to closed compound words.’
    • ‘He had used the closed compound, and the copyeditor proposed the open form.’
    • ‘In this exercise, all the compound words are closed compounds.’