Definition of closed caption in English:

closed caption


  • One of a series of subtitles to a television programme, accessible through a decoder.

    • ‘Also included on this disc are English subtitles and closed captions.’
    • ‘I have heard that hearing children of deaf parents benefit by learning to read early, thanks to the closed captions on TV and by learning to sign to communicate with their parents.’
    • ‘The DVD should have included English subtitles, or at least closed captions for the hearing-impaired.’
    • ‘The spoken dialogue tells one story - the closed-caption subtitles provide a completely different, and often more interesting, subtext.’
    • ‘After that we had very little to talk about being so vastly different, we did discuss politics since we can usually agree on that, but for the most part we watched television with half of the screen obscured by closed captions.’
    • ‘I had a project last year (it's still online) that simply decoded TV closed captions.’
    • ‘I take a seat as my eyes wander briefly to read the closed caption running across the TV screen.’
    • ‘In addition, a French mono track is included, along with French and Spanish subtitles and English closed captions, to round out the admirable audio options on this disc.’
    • ‘You ask it what's on TV right now, and it returns a list of shows, you pick a show and it starts streaming out dialogue from characters, directly via closed caption data.’
    • ‘Human efforts are increasingly being supplemented by technologies such as voice recognition for transcription and indexing, and the use of closed caption data.’


[WITH OBJECT]usually as noun closed-captioning
  • Provide (a programme) with closed captions.

    • ‘I mean, couldn't they just quickly clean up the closed-captioning text and run that?’
    • ‘Could someone please check for me and see if the bonus disc material is closed-captioned or subtitled?’
    • ‘English, French, and Spanish subtitles are included, and the disc is closed-captioned.’
    • ‘The anecdotal evidence indicated that closed-captioned programs were effective in promoting the learners’ reading fluency.’
    • ‘There are no subtitles on any disc, although each is closed-captioned.’
    • ‘Ultimately, one of their competitors may step up to the plate first and make TV clips with closed-captioning transcripts widely available.’
    • ‘I've been closed-captioning the new Whose Line Is It Anyway?’
    • ‘I turned on the closed-captioning to catch a few lines here and there as well.’
    • ‘From time to time when the British characters spoke I did fall back on the English closed-captioning, which was helpful, but it still left me in the dark as to what ‘scrumpy’ means.’
    • ‘He is a big Yanks fan and the bar's a decent place to watch a ball game if you don't mind closed-captioning and a punk-heavy jukebox.’