Definition of close (or near) to home in English:

close (or near) to home


  • (of a remark or topic of discussion) relevant or accurate to the point that one feels uncomfortable or embarrassed.

    • ‘The fact that he failed to address my statements implies that maybe I hit too close to home.’
    • ‘I want to get both of your assessments on something very, very close to home for both of you.’
    • ‘Instead I think that some of the characteristics of the characters were just a little too close to home for me.’
    • ‘You know, she hates to hear about situations like this, because it's so close to home.’
    • ‘In order to keep us on the straight and narrow we need to hear sermons on the touchy subjects that hit close to home.’
    • ‘It was a real shock because it was so near to home, having known him for so long.’
    • ‘A girl went missing from the Chequers Centre in Maidstone yesterday… now that is too close to home.’
    • ‘It is the necessary baseline from which Harris makes the leap into her imaginative world, but it can sometimes get a bit too close to home.’
    • ‘While I meant what I said, I never anticipated that it would hit so close to home.’
    • ‘This hits close to home, because I went bankrupt some years ago behind medical bills.’