Definition of close-stool in English:



  • A covered chamber pot enclosed in a wooden stool.

    • ‘So they commissioned ornate, decorative close-stools made out of the finest materials, built by the finest craftsmen.’
    • ‘He was thinking of King Henry VIII's black velvet close-stool studded with 2,000 gold nails.’
    • ‘In order to make sure of this, the law requires that chamber pots and close-stools be made of gold or silver, and that these metals should be used for nothing else other than jewelry for slaves, thus decreasing its appeal.’
    • ‘People who have diarrhoea will often go to the close-stool.’
    • ‘When my great-grandfather wished to read to his family, he reversed the lid of the close-stool upon his knees, and passed the leaves from one side to the other, which were held down on each by the packthread.’