Definition of close-run in English:



  • Won or lost by a very small margin.

    ‘the motion failed to obtain an absolute majority of 249 but it was a close-run thing’
    • ‘The 55-year-old politician, who beat the Conservative candidate by a mere 1,910 votes in what was a close-run election, confidently looked forward to the task ahead.’
    • ‘But it is likely to be a close-run thing: shareholders are spread far and wide and galvanising enough of them into action will be hard.’
    • ‘It was a close-run thing - but at the finishing post Evening Press, the racehorse, lost by a nose.’
    • ‘Commentators predicted a close-run presidential race, but few expected there to be no winner at all.’
    • ‘He told them ‘It has been said the Battle of Britain was a very close-run thing.’’
    • ‘He said he thought that the battle would be a close-run affair and he thought it was more important for the Conservative Party to have a chance of winning, than to continue his own bid to become an MP.’
    • ‘The media can still play a decisive role, however, especially in close-run elections or congressional votes.’
    • ‘As it was, we escaped with our lives - but it was a close-run thing.’
    • ‘He predicted a close-run contest, which had consequently attracted the attention of the national media.’
    • ‘It's down to who performs on the day, and it's going to be a close-run thing, I think.’
    • ‘It was not, therefore, an obvious triumph and it was, like Waterloo, a close-run thing.’
    • ‘After that I hated him more than I hated her, but it was a close-run thing.’
    • ‘When he was originally sentenced last year, the judge told him: ‘I do not consider a sentence of life is justified but it is a very close-run thing.’’
    • ‘He admitted the election in his constituency was likely to be a close-run thing as the seat was traditionally hard fought.’
    • ‘She said: ‘It was a close-run competition but they were superb.’’
    • ‘In a close-run race, he finished second and claimed a world record for the number of miles sailed by a monohull boat in 24 hours.’
    • ‘She believes it will be a close-run thing between them.’
    • ‘With the agreement seemingly a close-run thing, Alexander and his colleagues have a hard fight ahead.’
    • ‘So the contest between fear of nuclear weapons and fear of chemical or biological weapons could be a close-run thing.’
    • ‘In a close-run contest, the children had to go through a buzzer round, an observation round and hundreds of questions about fire safety.’