Definition of close-down in English:



  • 1A cessation of work or business, especially on a permanent basis.

    • ‘If we are to reduce to a minimum the number of weekend closures, we need to make the most of the night-time close-down.’
    • ‘With at least two mills faced with a full week's close-down at Easter, 1,500 cotton workers may have to take an extended holiday.’
    • ‘He said trading had resumed at the beginning of the month after a five-week liquidation close-down.’
    • ‘Only about a dozen employees are affected by the close-down, and most of them have been fixed up with other jobs.’
    • ‘Be aware that without forward planning the Christmas close-down period can delay payment to your firm by more than 28 days.’
    • ‘This work should have been done during the summer school close-down, when traffic was at a minimum and the weather would have been nice enough to walk to Westhoughton.’
    • ‘In the event of close-down, the plants can only resume production when a continuous and secure supply of beet is guaranteed.’
    • ‘But now we have it here and they will have to go into close-down mode.’
    • ‘But he said management offered no other solution but a complete close-down.’
    • ‘The effect of a combined strike would mean a total close-down.’
    collapse, crash, going under, bankruptcy, insolvency, liquidation, closure, closing, shutting down, winding up, termination
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    1. 1.1British The end of broadcasting on television or radio until the next day.