Definition of cloisterer in English:



  • A person who lives in a cloister; a monk or nun.

    • ‘So long as cloisterers stayed in their cloisters, spending their lives in contemplation and prayer, they had grace in God's sight and in men's.’
    • ‘Thou art a master when thou art at home; Nor starving cloisterer, nor novice there.’
    • ‘The General Prologue portrait calls attention to Huberd's grand and dignified appearance, so unlike a cloisterer's or a scholar's threadbare looks.’
    • ‘It must be borne in mind that there were eight thousand cloisterers in England alone at the Dissolution.’
    • ‘I would to God, this were only the private misdevotion of some superstitious old wife, or some idle and silly cloisterer.’
    brother, male member of a religious order, religious, contemplative
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