Definition of clogger in English:



  • 1A person or thing that clogs something.

    • ‘Hair is a common bathroom drain clogger.’
    • ‘It is a dietary mantra that has bordered on the fanatic: fat is a killer and a clogger and it furs your arteries.’
    • ‘I looked at the menu again and it quite clearly said you could purchase individual portions of bacon, sausage, fried eggs, beans and the usual cholesterol cloggers.’
    • ‘But the donuts themselves are artery cloggers and aesthetically a mess, I think.’
  • 2British informal A footballer who habitually fouls other players when tackling.

    ‘I was a right clogger, always kicking people’
    • ‘We all like to call the old German clogger Schadenfreude off the bench from time to time.’
    • ‘Calderwood, to his credit, admires quick and classy defenders as opposed to the kind of cloggers who reduce football to its lowest common denominator.’
    • ‘The cloggers have gone, for the most part, because referees have long since been alerted to blatant physical assault.’
    • ‘Titans DTs Robaire Smith and Albert Haynesworth are cloggers who have to slow Lewis down before he reaches the second level.’
    • ‘No one wants to see a team of hatchet men and cloggers, but a ruthless, mean, win-at-all-costs streak is definitely missing.’
    • ‘No-one wants to see a team of cloggers but again it was no coincidence that away from home City conceded just four free-kicks.’
    • ‘It never will be so long as we have people like Wilkinson running our game who prefer cloggers to artists.’
  • 3A person who makes clogs.

    • ‘"Grandad" was Walter Hurst of Hindley, who later had six cloggers and a shoe repairer working for him.’
    • ‘Unlike the clogger, the village craftsman used a great deal of sycamore.’