Definition of clock tower in English:

clock tower


  • A tower, typically forming part of a church or civic building, with a large clock at the top.

    • ‘The clock tower of the Synagogue is undergoing renovation with financial assistance from the World Monument Fund, New York.’
    • ‘The artist has used as a pattern a postcard with a Swiss clock tower and buildings.’
    • ‘The building had a clock tower at the top and large, narrow windows on the sides.’
    • ‘I did the clock tower stunt a long time ago in Project A.’
    • ‘It was then he heard the ringing chimes of the clock tower.’
    • ‘The clock tower, Nelson's refuge, represents the legacy of genteel white male Ivory Tower privilege.’
    • ‘With its clock tower and archway, ‘It could probably be the nicest building in Atlanta,’ he says.’
    • ‘Besides the foundation and its eight institutes, the island houses a magnificent church and an imposing clock tower.’
    • ‘Atop the clock tower of Stark County's court house, four gilded angels look across the rolling landscape south of Cleveland.’
    • ‘I decided to climb the clock tower in the main street.’
    • ‘Straight before him rose the famous clock tower known as Big Ben.’
    • ‘We reached our last farm of impressive brick buildings, with a clock tower in a stable yard.’
    • ‘They walked back into Clock Town and sat down near the clock tower.’
    • ‘She was heading toward the clock tower… the biggest building in the city.’
    • ‘All of the clock tower of St Saviour's Church, now home to the Archaeological Resource Centre, is also a dedicated memorial.’
    • ‘I can't see any benefit in a lighthouse, a clock tower and a series of boat docks to the general public or holidaymaker.’
    • ‘The curve and the clock tower are enough to make the building recognizable from anywhere.’
    • ‘He shielded his eyes to look up at the school clock tower, rising high above a sprawling mass of buildings and halls.’
    • ‘The red-brick façade of the Grade II listed building will be retained along with the clock tower.’
    • ‘The two fought on the clock tower's narrow edge.’


clock tower