Definition of clipper in English:



  • 1also clippersAn instrument for cutting or trimming small pieces off things.

    ‘a set of hair clippers’
    • ‘Other items confiscated prior to boarding include scissors, nail files, clippers and pen knives.’
    • ‘She said a majority of the seized goods include open liquor, scissors, nail files, clippers, pen knives and other pointy objects.’
    • ‘Fingernail clippers were viewed as deadly weapons.’
    • ‘If the edge was good last year all that is needed is a trim with a hedge clippers or edging shears.’
    • ‘Toenail clippers can snip most jewelry-gauge wires.’
    • ‘Improved technology in the battery arena has even made battery-powered hedge clippers a viable option for both homeowners and professional users.’
    • ‘He started with only his hand-saw, wire clippers, and hammer, but soon he brought a pick-axe and chain saw to speed up the process.’
    • ‘He will have his hair ‘shaved’ to a ‘number two’ - the grading on hair clippers which leaves just 6mm in length.’
    • ‘Farmed Christmas trees can be manicured with clippers or power saws into any desired shape.’
    • ‘And Alison, 13, carries a nail file and clippers in her bag at all times and uses them instead of her teeth whenever she's tempted.’
    • ‘The hedge clippers, meanwhile, were now cutting at the air, jarring her fingers as the handle opened and shut in her hand.’
    • ‘Please don't keep your toenails raggedy when clippers, emery boards and pumice stones are readily available.’
    • ‘Don't worry too much about it - tests have shown that roses hacked back randomly with hedge clippers did better than roses which had been carefully, scientifically pruned.’
    • ‘The only time he looked forward was to peer over his hedge clippers into the kitchen window where Mahulda drank her peaberry coffee.’
    • ‘And the needle point clippers are tossed on the dryer as you go inside, dog tired.’
    • ‘Others were gardening, armed with clippers and other sharp implements.’
    • ‘Using an x-acto knife or nail clippers for obtaining serviceable counters has become so commonplace that these tools have become a necessity for every gamer.’
    • ‘At this point in time, almost all of us are aware that an ordinary individual can't expect to take a flight without being stripped to the toenail clippers.’
    • ‘But I had a hangnail and was focused on my toenail clippers.’
    • ‘Where would we be without weed wackers, chain saws, and electric hedge clippers?’
  • 2A fast sailing ship, especially one of 19th-century design with concave bows and raked masts.

    ‘the Cutty Sark, a tea clipper built in 1869’
    • ‘Indeed I found a reference to the East India Company clipper Union landing on the island in 1609.’
    • ‘The loss of this three-masted clipper, and her 27 crew, has remained one of Australia's greatest sea mysteries.’
    • ‘As the last surviving clipper built for the China Tea trade in 1869, the Cutty Sark is also a major part of Britain's Maritime history.’
    • ‘Strictly speaking, the new Amistad is a reproduction or a recreation of the original, a Baltimore clipper built in Cuba around 1835 to carry general cargo.’
    • ‘Star Clipper and her near-identical sister ship are fantastic square-rigged clippers.’
  • 3Electronics

    another term for limiter
    1. 3.1 A microchip which inserts an identifying code into encrypted transmissions that allows them to be deciphered by a third party having access to a Government-held key.
      • ‘There were contentious debates over the clipper chip, online wire tapping, and encryption.’
      • ‘It's a government conspiracy - they're installing clipper chips in the new ones.’