Definition of clipped in English:



  • (of speech) having short, sharp vowel sounds and clear pronunciation.

    ‘his cold clipped tones’
    • ‘She folded her arms across her chest and responded in a sharp and clipped tone, her voice resonating across the mall.’
    • ‘‘I am certain, sir,’ he said in a clipped tone, his sea-green aura streaked with red.’
    • ‘What is interesting about Mullova here is her opening notes in the Bartók, which have an almost clipped sound.’
    • ‘He had grown fairly adept at imitating Jimjim's clipped speech.’
    • ‘Iselle's speech, normally clipped, now dripped like acid in the air.’
    • ‘‘And I don't expect you will,’ the manager said in a clipped tone.’
    • ‘Eden, who was used to the clipped speech of her birthplace, was fascinated and amused.’
    • ‘Alris' clipped tone made Eric look up; her manner didn't seem ruffled in the slightest, while his world was in chaos.’
    • ‘His clipped tones could have put the message through, but his unsmiling face made it clearer: she wasn't wanted.’
    • ‘Coward himself gives a rather humourless performance as the Captain, hampering the characterisation with his clipped and affected speech delivery.’
    • ‘The last time I saw him, he talked in short, clipped tones.’
    • ‘Jake was not part of the conversation and answered questions with short clipped answers.’
    • ‘It was a short, clipped sound, but at least it was there.’
    • ‘But the voice that echoed from the machine wasn't Tommi's - it was the clipped tones of Matt's mother.’
    • ‘Martin's mother-in-law had one of those professional telephone voices, all nasally tones and clipped sentences.’
    • ‘Puzzled anger at the sudden uproar crossed Henry's face, but his wife spoke first in clipped tones.’
    • ‘From the clipped liquid sounds it spoke I'd guess it had gotten little more than half the sounds I'd spoken.’
    • ‘His voice took on a clipped, authoritative tone.’
    • ‘He has a cheery, vaguely working class accent rather than Bond's clipped, public schoolboy tones.’
    • ‘A big problem faced by business, declared Browne in his clipped English tones, was the creation of ‘pseudo markets’ by governments.’
    terse, brusque, abrupt, blunt, short, monosyllabic, summary, snappy, snappish, sharp, crisp, tart
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