Definition of clicker in English:



  • 1A device which clicks.

    • ‘And I have to tell you the woman who was working the clicker did a beautiful job.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, in an end run, our guest had commandeered the clicker.’
    • ‘Lisa kissed Samuel goodbye and headed towards her car, unlocking it with the clicker.’
    • ‘Are the clickers very poor signal transmission devices with an extremely high error rate?’
    • ‘To tackle this last goal, someone they know recently suggested that they purchase clickers to monitor each other's speech.’
    • ‘It also helped that he knew this route and its every topographical feature, perhaps well enough to not need a clicker, to amble along deafly.’
    • ‘I had the ability to clip my clicker blade with the top vane much easier than with regular Spin Wings.’
    • ‘In New York, they x rayed my shoes but ignored my digital clicker, cell phone, digital camera and assorted electronics.’
    • ‘There's some audio feedback, courtesy of a clicker inside the mouse - unplug it and you can't hear a thing - so I suspect it too operates through a sensor.’
    • ‘The mouse features the standard two clickers, a scroll wheel on the top, along with three extra buttons for scrolling and task switching.’
    • ‘‘Hello, baby,’ she said, pressing the clicker and hopping in.’
    • ‘Whoever controlled the clicker controlled access to those secrets, whether the person was two or fifty-two.’
    • ‘I have been using the clicker technique to train my own horses for about five years and recently began giving demonstrations.’
    • ‘To set the clicker in the correct position, no more than half the length of the arrow point must be left under the clicker at full draw.’
    • ‘She quickly practices again how she will hold her props and the slide clicker.’
    • ‘Eventually, the dog learns to respond to the clicker alone.’
    • ‘In relationships, arguments about the garage clicker can be about so much more.’
    • ‘Maxine held a pair of clickers in front of the camera, and said, ‘Haunted house number 4, behind the scenes story, take one!’’
    • ‘Last year, a friend of mine showed me an umpire's clicker that would record five balls and four strikes.’
    • ‘It seems page flickers prefer to be mouse clickers.’
    1. 1.1North American A remote control keypad.
      • ‘Steve grabbed the clicker and turned on the tv, flipping through some channels before settling on ‘Office Space’.’
      • ‘So we did what men are supposed to do on Sundays - we took control of the clicker and flipped the channels until our thumbs became numb.’
      • ‘After grabbing the clicker he sat beside her on the couch.’
      • ‘They might take the clicker away, turn the TV off, stand square between Leonard and the dead screen and say: This is how it goes.’
      • ‘He picked up the TV clicker and turned on the TV, flipping through the channels.’
      • ‘You can hit the clicker and go to another channel, but this is what exists.’
      • ‘It is that time of the year when marriage vows are reviewed and hung in the balance, weighted against the opening line and the TV clicker soldered to one's palm.’
      • ‘That's done for identification for people who are hitting their clicker and tuning in.’
      • ‘So you aren't going to use a clicker to change channels.’
      • ‘Sherri shrugged, picked up the clicker and flicked it off as the animated Mount'n Man was trying to out-run a swarm of angry cartoon bees.’
      • ‘With a groan - he used the clicker to turn off the screen.’