Definition of cliché-ridden in English:


(also cliche-ridden)


  • (especially of a film or piece of writing) full of unoriginal or overused phrases or ideas.

    ‘a cliché-ridden love-triangle melodrama’
    ‘the chairman offered the usual cliché-ridden statement to the media’
    • ‘Both authors were quite disparaging of cliché-ridden questions.’
    • ‘These days, I have less and less patience for the corny dialogue and cliche-ridden plots of most games.’
    • ‘It's a cliche-ridden, preposterous mess, full of ludicrously obvious plot holes.’
    • ‘For the most part, her carnal humour and her bizarre witticisms are undermined by the extraordinarily conventional and unimaginative way her story unfolds, which is replete with dreary and cliché-ridden homilies.’
    • ‘The characters lack imagination, they are steeped in gender biases, and the story is cliché-ridden.’
    • ‘The modern reader suddenly remembers those Agatha Christie stories, in which the cast of cliché-ridden characters is bumped off one by one, while the éminence grise who invited them to the island or the country house lurks somewhere behind the walls.’
    • ‘I hate sloppy, overblown, cliché-ridden language when it is used by those who should know better - not least when it is broadcast by the BBC.’
    • ‘He wants to take your tired cliché-ridden definition of leadership and turn it upside down.’
    • ‘Make no mistake about it, this is a cliché-ridden popcorn movie, but this time it's obvious the filmmakers intend it to be so.’
    • ‘Yours was a welcome breath of clarity in an otherwise cliché-ridden media spectacle.’