Definition of clever man in English:

clever man


  • An Aboriginal man who practises traditional medicine and may also play a role in ceremonial life.

    ‘these stories illustrate the power of the clever man’
    • ‘Those who inflict guilt and judgement without innocence being proven have the same bedfellows as the ancient devious clever men and their followers.’
    • ‘These were the clever men, and their 'quackery' was often a cause of contrived death in making one believe that an old enemy had brought on a family death.’
    • ‘From these narratives, we can establish that there were three classes of clever men.’
    • ‘The act—after consultation with a clever man—was performed by those seeking revenge, with personal harm in mind, or for the settlement of a long grudge.’
    • ‘The intended victims were made aware of the curse by means of the clever man’s occult signs.’
    • ‘The debates over the classes of clever men and their established roles within a clan have always been a mystery full of contradictions, controversies, and myth.’
    • ‘How many innocents have gone to their deaths as victims of modern-day clever men?’
    • ‘The clever man would see visions unconnected with earthly life.’
    • ‘The headland is believed to be the body of the mythical Dirawong, a goanna that was called upon by a clever man to protect a bird from a snake.’
    • ‘The painting is about a man who dreamt he'd been caught by a clever man, woke, then realized he was still trapped inside the body of a Spirit Man of the Dreamtime.’