Definition of clever Dick in English:

clever Dick

(also clever clogs)


  • A person who is irritatingly and ostentatiously knowledgeable or intelligent.

    ‘she's such a clever Dick—you can't tell her anything’
    • ‘Alternatively, and if you're a real clever clogs, you can mine underneath the boulders that are scattered around the screen.’
    • ‘Grissom is an all-knowing clever clogs, who has answers for everything.’
    • ‘As we moved another furlong onward, I reflected that the clever clogs who first set the distance of the Blue Riband got it right.’
    • ‘Sometimes these sorts of things have been made up by some clever Dick and, because they're a bit off-beat, are given an obscure name or source.’
    • ‘A father and son from Rochdale went head-to-head live on national television to find out if kids are clever clogs or if parents know better.’
    • ‘I decided to be a clever clogs and borrow some of the building costs on a% credit card.’
    • ‘‘Because, clever clogs,’ explained the owner sagely, ‘before I put up the sign people kept tripping over him on the way in.’’
    • ‘The only thing that bugs me about it is that some clever clogs always thinks he or she can beat your cards.’
    • ‘Anne Robinson says: ‘Never mind who always claims to be the clever clogs in the family or the egg-head at the office.’’
    • ‘While most people would be trying very hard to stay calm, dial, and be brave and not scream - old clever clogs has got just the answer.’
    • ‘I would ban any clever clogs who has mastered either of those.’
    • ‘Of course, you always get some clever clogs throwing in the fact that farmers get something along the lines of £3 billion in direct subsidies.’
    • ‘Even the ‘universal’ typing keys are listed, so those clever clogs that use a basic pattern developed from keyboards should come up with something more imaginative.’
    • ‘Why cannot the Minister just give us the answer, instead of trying to be a clever Dick, which does not come naturally to him?’
    • ‘He was terribly popular, but I judged him just a clever Dick wordsmith with no respect for the medium he wrote about in such a relentlessly witty way.’
    intelligent person, learned person, highbrow, academic, bookworm, bookish person, man of letters, woman of letters, bluestocking, thinker, brain, scholar, sage
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clever Dick