Definition of Cleveland bay in English:

Cleveland bay


  • A bay horse of a strong breed originating in the north of England, formerly popular as carriage horses.

    • ‘She explains that it's not just any old piece of material they pin to a triumphant pig, Holstein cow, Texel sheep or Cleveland bay.’
    • ‘The first landau was pulled by four Windsor grey horses, with a pair of Cleveland bays pulling the second carriage, flanked on each side by two mounted police.’
    • ‘This meant the purity of the Cleveland bays became threatened; so in 1884 the Cleveland Bay Horse Society was formed to protect the purity of the breed.’
    • ‘As President of the Cleveland Bay Society from 1987-89 he was influential in producing pure-bred Cleveland bays at the Royal Stud, Hampton Court.’
    • ‘That's how Monty found himself galloping along the moors on a 17-hand Cleveland bay, despite having hardly any riding experience.’