Definition of clergywoman in English:



  • A female priest, minister, or religious leader, especially a Christian one.

    • ‘When a clergywoman preaches from a pulpit, she enters a space which has particular aesthetic value.’
    • ‘The speaker at that occasion challenged clergywomen and laywomen to develop their own support system.’
    • ‘Cranham has had many clergymen, and, at last, one clergywoman.’
    • ‘Before retiring in 1999, the clergywoman served for five years as the top staff executive for the Methodists' communications agency.’
    • ‘Some clergywomen have become successful by founding their own nondenominational churches.’
    • ‘It is quite lonely being one of the only clergywoman and you notice it more when you are the only woman in a room full of male clergy.’
    • ‘After the clergywoman grilled the couple about their relationship, she wrote to them and said she thought marriage would be 'ill-advised'.’
    • ‘A deaconess is about to become the first Church of England clergywoman to marry a divorced man.’
    • ‘The staff of the center set out to assess ordained ministry as it was lived out by clergywomen in the 90s.’
    • ‘Clergywomen show a willingness (often eagerness) to accept employment in those ministry positions that offer very low pay, few benefits, and few opportunities for advancement.’
    • ‘Most studies I've seen place clergywomen in lower salary brackets and smaller churches.’
    • ‘The number of clergywomen in the United Methodist Church rose from 319 in 1977 to 3003 in 1994’
    • ‘The celebrant will be one of the highest-ranking clergywomen in the Church of Ireland.’
    • ‘The Reverend Pinkerton of the Forest of Dean, a rural clergywoman, meticulously gathered all the offical reports.’
    • ‘There was very little social science literature on clergywomen when I first became interested.’
    • ‘When the first clergywoman appeared in the United States, it was predicted by alarmists that men would be driven out of the pulpit by the new competition.’
    • ‘Diana Johnson MP last week met clergywomen from the East Riding.’
    • ‘The preacher of the day on Tuesday was a prominent Methodist clergywoman.’
    • ‘As a clergywoman I confront many hard issues.’