Definition of cleistogamy in English:



mass nounBotany
  • Self-fertilization that occurs within a permanently closed flower.

    • ‘The majority of grasses in which cleistogamy occurs have both chasmogamous flowers and either one or two types of cleistogamous flowers.’
    • ‘Our review offers insight into the importance and diversity of cleistogamy.’
    • ‘F 1 plants had chasmogamous flowers, indicating that chasmogamy was dominant to cleistogamy.’
    • ‘R. menthoides cleistogamy is a novel discovery, which augments the number of species of this genus with that reproductive system.’
    • ‘Sporobolus is mostly self-pollinated due to a high degree of sheath cleistogamy, while Panicum is a self-incompatible outbreeder.’


Late 19th century: from Greek kleistos ‘closed’ + -gamy (from gamos ‘marriage’).