Definition of clearing sale in English:

clearing sale


NZ, Australian
  • An auction of the contents of a rural property, held after the property itself has been sold.

    ‘the farm's 180-gallon tank will go under the hammer in this weekend's clearing sale’
    • ‘Locals expect the clearing sale to be the biggest the town has hosted.’
    • ‘It's one of 14 tractors listed at a huge clearing sale in western Victoria.’
    • ‘The basic equipment was a tractor, plough, grubber, drill, and a set of harrows—and bought second-hand at clearing sales, they were not too expensive.’
    • ‘Hundreds turned out for this clearing sale.’
    • ‘In those days, free grog was the understood thing at big clearing sales.’
    • ‘A farm clearing sale is a little like a wake.’
    • ‘The clearing sale is for the estate of a Mr Williams, who died last November.’
    • ‘Much of my childhood was spent trailing the footsteps of my father among the bidders, browsers, and serious buyers at auctions and rural clearing sales.’
    • ‘It was a difficult separation to achieve, but after long weeks of setting up for the clearing sale, I found I was impatient for the life at the farm to end.’
    • ‘Clearing sales often follow a death or a bankruptcy, and the neighbours attend as a mark of respect and support, as well as to pick up some useful tools or equipment.’