Definition of clear-thinking in English:



  • Able to think clearly.

    ‘she impressed me as a serious, clear-thinking scholar’
    • ‘She was an active, clear-thinking woman who divided her time between philanthropy, feminism, publishing, translation, and domestic and familial duties.’
    • ‘There is a real elegance and subtlety to his writing: it is clear-thinking and tightly argued stuff.’
    • ‘He is a well-spoken, clear-thinking man who does not have an ounce of self-pity.’
    • ‘As a clear-thinking, determined, and efficient architect he was without equal.’
    • ‘By the armistice he had acquired a reputation as a competent pilot and a responsible, clear-thinking young officer.’
    • ‘He is very upset but has remained clear-thinking and rational.’
    • ‘Mentally I had qualities he respected: I was intelligent, quick, clear-thinking, practical, able to cope with those complexities of everyday life which baffled him.’
    • ‘I see us going back to the huge industrial unrests of that period, and I would have thought that any clear-thinking person would want to avoid that.’
    • ‘I'm sure he sees himself as the clear-thinking moderate surrounded by extremists of both sides.’
    • ‘In his professional life he was a clear-thinking, well-organised man who never missed a deadline.’
    • ‘He is very experienced, and has a very good, clear-thinking mind.’
    • ‘Seemingly clear-thinking individuals can become swept away with absolutley insane ideas.’
    • ‘She was a sensible and clear-thinking young girl.’
    • ‘A clear-thinking person must choose between naturalism and religion.’
    • ‘Most novels are organized from a clear-thinking and often adult point of view.’
    • ‘They rarely have a hidden agenda and their tendency towards clear-thinking and independent analysis make it almost impossible to beguile them into a position of prejudice.’
    • ‘They need a lot of clear-thinking common folk to set them straight.’
    • ‘Active, influential, and apparently clear-thinking, he soon emerged as one of the leading presbyterians.’
    • ‘I was swifly connected to an extremely helpful, knowledgeable, competent and clear-thinking person who advised me exactly how to proceed.’
    • ‘Those of us who are tolerant and clear-thinking have a lot of work to do in the wake of this election.’
    tough-minded, unsentimental, down-to-earth, no-nonsense, hard-headed, hard-bitten, pragmatic, realistic, practical, rational, shrewd, astute, businesslike
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