Definition of cleanly in English:



Pronunciation /ˈkliːnli/
  • 1Without difficulty or impediment; smoothly and efficiently.

    ‘he vaulted cleanly through the open window’
    • ‘Using sharp pruners, cut the stems cleanly where they meet larger branches.’
    • ‘Only the distance of history lets us believe that such events are ever carried out cleanly and efficiently.’
    • ‘If masking tape is used along the sides of the joint, make sure the tape is removed immediately after tooling is complete before the caulk skins over so that it will pull away cleanly and leave a smooth, even line.’
    • ‘The knife sliced the paper cleanly and smoothly, shearing off thin ribbons.’
    • ‘However, when the chordal melody is doubled in both hands, the left-hand part can be difficult to navigate cleanly.’
    • ‘The chemical industry is under pressure to reduce its impact on the environment and to run its operations as cleanly and efficiently as possible.’
    • ‘Our binmen have worked efficiently and cleanly over the years but the last few weeks have been a shambles as the new system gets under way.’
    • ‘I guess the Oxford English Dictionary cuts it more cleanly with a black and white approach.’
    • ‘The song picks up for its coda, breaking into a steady waltz beneath cleanly strummed guitars and theremin.’
    • ‘It is commonly held that the location on the ballot most difficult to punch cleanly is the four corners of the ballot.’
    • ‘Aside from adding extra pressure, focusing on the outcome while you play can help you execute your shot cleanly and smoothly.’
    • ‘Looking over the city which he somehow embodies, he simply churns out the words, cleanly, efficiently and quickly.’
    • ‘The War Memorial is cleanly maintained with cut lawns and seats in the surrounding small park.’
    • ‘Cut it as cleanly and as close to square as possible.’
    • ‘They found it difficult to cleanly isolate this property as an aspect.’
    • ‘He had cleanly cut virtually black hair, and though he did not boast the same striking attractiveness as Adam did, was fairly handsome himself.’
    • ‘I tried out the chocolate cake recipe, which produced a pleasant, rather sweet cake, which cut cleanly and was still good to eat a couple of days later.’
    • ‘He accordingly has difficulty executing his runs cleanly.’
    • ‘When I left St George's Hospital, I imagined that aspects of my past had been excised, cut cleanly away.’
    • ‘By the time I had got down to the causeway it stood cleanly cut against a speedwell-blue streak of sky.’
  • 2In a way that produces no dirt, noxious gases, or other pollutants.

    ‘the engine burns very cleanly’
    • ‘Hydrogen burns cleanly, yielding just water and energy.’
    • ‘That is because coal prices have remained stable while oil and gas prices have trebled in just over a year, and the technology has been developed to burn it much more cleanly than in the past.’
    • ‘Because the fare burns quickly at a high temperature, it also burns cleanly, with virtually no emissions up the stack.’
    • ‘It burns more cleanly than petroleum-based diesel, and also has higher lubricity and detergent properties.’
    • ‘The oil mixed with the fuel doesn't burn cleanly.’
    • ‘Ethanol adds oxygen to gasoline, helping it to burn more cleanly.’
    • ‘I think we will certainly see cleaner coal technologies and there are tremendous amounts of research demonstration models of how you can burn coal more cleanly.’
    • ‘Burning cleanly with no pollutants, this may be an answer the energy sucking economy is looking for.’
    • ‘The gas is collected and because it is methane, it burns cleanly.’
    • ‘The additive makes petrol burn more cleanly, so air pollution is reduced.’
    • ‘The official rationale behind this policy is that alcohol burns more cleanly than pure gasoline, which supposedly means less air pollution.’
    • ‘Both additives increase the oxygen content of the gasoline which causes it to burn more cleanly and evaporate more slowly.’
    • ‘Residents worry that they will be further harmed when coal and coke (which don't burn as cleanly as natural gas) are added to the mix of emissions and dust that already plague the area.’
    • ‘A large incinerator has been operating in south Bramalea for some years now, cleanly burning up garbage, all the while pumping electricity on to the nearby power grid.’
    • ‘He'll support use of coal - the most abundant fuel in America - by promoting efforts to burn it more cleanly.’
    • ‘Without a second thought he tossed it over his shoulder into the fire behind him, where it burned fairly cleanly with a yellow flame.’
    • ‘But even if they burn more cleanly, that's not the end of the problem.’
    • ‘It burns very, very cleanly in the engine, so it improves emissions in the overall environment a lot.’
    • ‘British coal could be burned more cleanly, but only in a new generation of power stations, which would cost millions to develop and take years to come on stream.’
    • ‘Because hydrogen contains no carbon, it burns cleanly without a residue of hot soot, producing little radiant energy.’


Pronunciation /ˈklɛnli/
  • Habitually clean and careful to avoid dirt.

    ‘some plain but cleanly country maid’


Old English clǣnlīce (adverb), clǣnlīc (adjective): see clean, -ly, -ly.