Definition of cleanliness in English:



mass noun
  • The state or quality of being clean or being kept clean.

    ‘standards of cleanliness have been criticized by patients and visitors’
    ‘she had an obsession with personal cleanliness and spent much of her time in the bathroom’
    • ‘I also wanted some guarantee of cleanliness, no matter what external supply was used.’
    • ‘Personal cleanliness is a basic principle to pesticide safety.’
    • ‘Cleanliness is a mania with him, a model for all discipline.’
    • ‘My grandfather valued order, cleanliness, and the rule of law above all else.’
    • ‘No differences were found in the cleanliness of stalls or the amount of bedding material added.’
    • ‘With rats scuttling through debris outside their makeshift huts, they take cleanliness seriously.’
    • ‘In exchange, he will give the beggar clothes and cleanliness.’
    • ‘He cynically points out the signs posted that demand cleanliness.’
    • ‘The cleanliness of the city, the well-maintained services, and the proactive approach to tackling crime have resulted in a lot of acclaim.’
    • ‘Comparing the two in terms of cleanliness is pretty much unfair.’