Definition of clean something out in English:

clean something out

phrasal verb

  • Thoroughly clean the inside of something.

    ‘my mom says I have to go and clean out the hamster 's cage’
    • ‘Still, the last wren around here nested in the dryer vent, which was a mess to clean out.’
    • ‘The pond was last cleaned out around 25 years ago.’
    • ‘Cleaning a cupboard out, I noticed my 40 year old gold wedding ring had turned a very shiny silver colour!’
    • ‘She also gave us some stuff to clean out her wounds with.’
    • ‘I can do projects around the house, like try to refinish my front door, or clean out my gutters.’
    • ‘Marie gently washed the shrapnel wound, cleaning out dried blood.’
    • ‘It took an hour a day to clean them out.’
    • ‘To make your sandpaper last longer, use an old toothbrush to clean out the clogged sandpaper.’
    • ‘The Council on Family Health offers some good tips on cleaning out the family medicine chest.’