Definition of clean someone out in English:

clean someone out

phrasal verb

  • Use up or take all someone's money.

    ‘they were cleaned out by the Englishman at the baccarat table’
    • ‘We cleaned them out at midfield but missed four goal chances.’
    • ‘And a lady, originally from Ireland, cleaned me out of tea towels.’
    • ‘I think they were cleaned out of balls, gloves and any little trinket that the kids could prise out of them.’
    • ‘Spend the same amount of time and money at the slots or the tables, and you could be cleaned out.’
    • ‘Although you might question the appeal of visiting a town dedicated to cleaning you out, you shouldn't write off Las Vegas.’
    • ‘They also took some electrical equipment that I'd got for my birthday and cleaned me out of all my gold.’
    • ‘Music students gearing up to make a bid for pop superstardom suffered a major setback when thieves cleaned them out.’
    • ‘It wasn't your fault that your wife left, cleaning you out.’
    • ‘I had five dollars in my pocket when I sat down at the table and they cleaned me out.’
    • ‘His visit is primarily intended to clean us out of food and drink, but I'm sure he'll find time to fit in a little lazing about between his gluttonous endeavours.’
    bankrupt, ruin, make insolvent, make penniless, wipe out, impoverish, reduce to destitution, reduce to penury, bring to ruin, bring someone to their knees, break, cripple
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