Definition of clean room in English:

clean room


  • An environment free from dust and other contaminants, used chiefly for the manufacture of electronic components.

    • ‘They also boast facilities like clean rooms where dust particles are filtered out so hard drives can be opened up without contamination.’
    • ‘Clean adhesives could be used in demanding environments like clean rooms or glove boxes without contaminating their surroundings.’
    • ‘He wants to fabricate some very high-quality textured materials for scientific study, so he'll have to buy time in a clean room facility - the kind computer chip manufacturers use.’
    • ‘For example, pharmaceutical manufacture takes in a sterile clean room, as does manufacture of silicon chips.’
    • ‘While trying to rid their clean rooms of bacteria, the scientists discovered that the bugs had stuck to molecules of a dissolved semiconductor in the lab's ‘pure’ water supply.’
    • ‘It said the work will see the construction of new clean rooms taking place next year with a view to beginning production early in 2007.’
    • ‘Although the clean room is only part of the building, the $100 million investment was funded entirely out of the pockets of billionaires.’
    • ‘More to the point for television and computer monitor manufacturers, it would be an empty box that wouldn't have to be built in a clean room and would have almost no toxic components.’
    • ‘This approach is typically more cost effective than large clean rooms.’
    • ‘Carry out the actual assembly process of optical instruments in a clean, dry environment such as a clean room or under a laminar flow hood.’
    • ‘The answer is to have a clean room environment - both tool chain and operating system - that the user has created and knows is free of compromises.’
    • ‘The 85,000-square foot building will house research instruments, laboratories, clean rooms and work space to assist in fabricating and understanding these tiny materials.’
    • ‘The entire assembly process takes place in clean rooms to minimize dust contamination of metal - to-metal seals.’
    • ‘Chemical separation was carried out in a clean room environment with reagents purified in two-bottle Teflon stills.’
    • ‘The automated process raised yield by over 50% over the manual process while reducing the footprint in the clean room by 67%.’
    • ‘This can be especially serious over mission-critical areas like computer facilities, clean rooms, operating rooms and switching stations, where moisture intrusion can be devastating.’
    • ‘Due for occupancy this summer, the new building will include 12,000 square feet of clean rooms for micro-to-nano fabrication, surrounded by facilities for materials growth and diagnosis.’
    • ‘Wafers are being shipped into the clean room part of the plant, and then cut, tested and packaged by the firm.’
    • ‘As a quality control measure, it has to be made in a clean room environment.’
    • ‘It's also renowned for its constant quest to improve through homegrown technology, like clean rooms, proprietary software programs and robotic mat cutters.’