Definition of claypan in English:



  • A shallow depression or hollow in the ground with an impermeable clay base which holds water after rain.

    • ‘They buried him near his camp, on the edge of a small claypan.’
    • ‘Otherwise it's all high and long sand ridges with claypans in between.’
    • ‘The terrain varied from dismal rows of dunes to baked claypan, rock-tiled wasteland to savage, waterless mountains.’
    • ‘The experiment was started to avoid overflow from the existing sewage ponds into the surrounding claypans.’
    • ‘Our sunset was a non-event, the sun obscured by low cloud, much to the disappointment of a couple of visitors who had carried tripods, huge lenses and other equipment out to the dry claypans (where some images show an expanse of water).’
    watering hole, watering place, water hole, spring
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