Definition of claymation in English:



mass nountrademark in US
  • A method of film animation using adjustable clay figures and stop-motion photography.

    • ‘I worked as a window cleaner by day and made claymation by night in my room with a used super 8 camera.’
    • ‘It's musical-horror-comedy, with karaoke, zombies, and claymation.’
    • ‘Now, it has strengthened the ties not only between computer animation and traditional claymation, but also with real-time puppetry.’
    • ‘The prison setting ultimately serves as a backdrop to the deeper question posed by the film, namely, can a claymation skit hold water.’
    • ‘A worthy winner of the 2004 Jim Poole award for short film, this claymation study of a man stuck in the wrong job is highly entertaining.’
    • ‘Another teen with a chronic illness used claymation to make his movie, creating a Martian super hero that saves the planet earth from a meteor shower.’
    • ‘She put together a class for my brothers and me and a few friends, and every Tuesday we'd do a new type of animated film: stop motion, drawn, claymation, and eventually live action.’
    • ‘The organisers held a number of other workshops, seminars and panel discussions covering prosthetics and make-up, fight choreography, animation and claymation, acting, and how to make short films.’
    • ‘Once they have an idea of how things move on screen, the students will work with paper cutouts, again shooting them in sequence to make a short film before trying claymation.’
    • ‘Also available to watch is an alternate opening title sequence that was created using claymation, in place of the musical number up in the tree.’
    • ‘When you watch something created by claymation, it is a real object and it looks like it's moving itself.’
    • ‘There will be screenings of local animation and claymation movies as well as experimental Super 8 work.’
    • ‘Another fun item is the use of macabre claymation models, which appear every now and again, to scarify sleepyheads.’
    • ‘The claymation technique required a two-year time frame for the film's production-a definite task of teamwork and perseverance.’
    • ‘To be fair, it is a well-done claymation commercial, which shows more care than cheap CGI shows of the same ilk.’
    • ‘The claymation is said to have been so labor-intensive that it took a whole day for just one second of screen time.’
    • ‘If we can't get a photo release and the child can't be on camera we use puppets, claymation or animation.’
    • ‘The film is charming, cleverly lit and a fine example of claymation with fishy bits.’
    • ‘The claymation TV show is one of my favorite all-time childhood memories.’
    • ‘The characters in this live-action film resemble claymation figures, which gives the film a surreal aura of detachment.’


1980s: blend of clay and animation.