Definition of clay pipe in English:

clay pipe


  • A tobacco pipe made of hardened clay.

    • ‘More than 20 horses and carts in line would head for Kendal, usually driven by the women enjoying smoking their clay pipes.’
    • ‘In downtown Boston, for instance, you can haggle for bargains in 400-year-old Quincy Market or quaff a pint at the ale house where Ben Franklin pondered his clay pipe and revolution.’
    • ‘Now a team has dug down one metre to the slipway, and found old clay pipes - thought to have been smoked by sailors - in harbour rubble used to raise and level it.’
    • ‘The elderly boatman smiled, and took the clay pipe he had been smoking from his mouth.’
    • ‘But on Friday night an expert dismissed the idea and said that it was a clay pipe that was probably only 120 years old.’
    • ‘Pipe - smoking can be traced to the ancient Celts, who smoked aromatic herbs in clay pipes.’
    • ‘It was a place where you could get everything from a bicycle to a clay pipe.’
    • ‘He sat in a rocking chair after dinner and smoked a long clay pipe.’
    • ‘His studio in Aix is now a Cézanne museum, reconstructed as it was at the time of his death and displaying personal mementoes such as his hat and clay pipe.’
    • ‘Two labourers, flushed with beer and temporarily lordly, share a screw of tobacco in their clay pipes.’
    • ‘The family also found 67 small pottery fragments, two clay pipe stem fragments, what looks to be early black pottery, and 26 modern glass fragments although nothing appeared to date back more than 200 years.’
    • ‘We found him smoking a long thin clay pipe, leaning against the whitewashed wall of the little hut that was his office.’
    • ‘However, clay pipe fragments showed the gully to be post-medieval.’
    • ‘This can be deduced because the clay pipe manufacturer (Davidson of Glasgow) began making his wares in 1861.’
    • ‘The major finds consisted of periwinkle shells, pottery, a locally made clay pipe, and animal bones.’
    • ‘There will be a night of song and dance and stories and maybe even a clay pipe for those who call into pay their ‘respects’ to Tom.’
    • ‘He rarely went out during the day, but sat in ‘his’ chair, smoking a clay pipe and listening to the wireless while waiting for his next meal.’
    • ‘While our driver slips into a seat at one of the outdoor tables, lighting up a clay pipe after taking his place, we are shown into what must be the proprietor's sitting room.’
    • ‘Documents detail deliveries such as 10 tons of tobacco and clay pipes.’
    • ‘He curled himself up in his chair, with his thin knees drawn up to his hawklike nose, and there he sat with his eyes closed and his black clay pipe thrusting out like the bill of some strange bird.’
    tobacco pipe, briar, briar pipe, meerschaum
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