Definition of clathrate in English:



  • A compound in which molecules of one component are physically trapped within the crystal structure of another.

    • ‘Methane hydrates are not the only clathrates that can form in the deep ocean environment.’
    • ‘However, it is unclear how much natural gas is tied up in clathrates.’
    • ‘Technically they are clathrates (crystalline solids), similar to ice except that they are not of uniform molecular composition: part of their structure is provided by a ‘guest’ molecule.’
    • ‘This creates cage structures called clathrates, which release gas on the tongue as the ice melts, producing a fizzy sensation in the mouth.’
    • ‘Low-density clathrate structures have been observed and modeled at below-ambient pressures and temperatures.’


1940s: from Latin clathratus, from clathri ‘lattice bars’, from Greek klēthra.