Definition of classroom in English:



  • A room in which a class of pupils or students is taught.

    • ‘The one-week training sessions consist of classroom lectures on tracking techniques and outdoor simulations.’
    • ‘In third and fourth grades, however, she was enrolled in a bilingual education classroom for two years.’
    • ‘We are building extra classrooms across the country and I have some statistics to prove what I am saying.’
    • ‘The general education classroom is typically not individualized.’
    • ‘Suggestions for creating a learner-centered middle school classroom are highlighted.’
    • ‘Declining enrolment has left the school district with many empty classrooms in elementary schools.’
    • ‘Case studies, classroom instruction, and field trips will round out the education.’
    • ‘When students leave the general education classroom to receive support, they are losing valuable instructional time.’
    • ‘Are teachers getting the support they need in today's increasingly diverse classrooms?’
    • ‘Lecture was the primary mode of classroom instruction, with discussion incorporated when possible.’
    • ‘The key to the future is what is being taught in today's classrooms.’
    • ‘All of them were assigned to teach in mainstream English classrooms.’
    • ‘But many computers are concentrated in labs or classrooms used to teach computer skills, leaving regular classrooms bereft.’
    • ‘Luckily, one of the classroom teachers owned about 20 different plastic dinosaur models.’
    • ‘One respondent stated that course work is offered using a traditional classroom setting.’
    • ‘Additionally, students have access to the lecture audio and slides after classroom discussion.’
    • ‘I began working with their membership immediately after leaving the college classroom and found the adjustment difficult.’
    • ‘Too bad the project didn't open the door for a great classroom discussion.’
    • ‘Once or twice a month I volunteer in a kindergarten classroom.’
    • ‘The book format facilitates learning and application of observation skills in the context of the early childhood classroom experiences.’