Definition of classifier in English:



  • 1A person or thing that classifies something.

    ‘any proposed filing order will be artificial and must be learnt by classifiers and users’
    • ‘The question which we would submit which has arisen here is how is classification to take place where the classifier is faced with goods which appear to be physically identical.’
    • ‘One Swiss study examined the question of whether chronic course is a desirable classifier in the diagnostic system of mood disorders.’
    • ‘Gene signatures of lung carcinoma prognosis often contain gene classifiers of metastasis in other tumor systems.’
    • ‘The classifiers systematically created a new beginning or clearing for the new information system.’
    • ‘It makes decisions through its employed classifiers who decide what classification an artistic work should receive before being released to the wider public.’
    • ‘Then the experiment introduced another possible classifier: coalition membership.’
    • ‘The question of whether it can be used to classify lesions using more advanced statistical techniques (e.g., using combined classifiers and linear discriminant analysis) will be answered in a separate study.’
    • ‘According to press reports, an initial panel of classifiers was prepared to release the film.’
    • ‘They are also developing, optimizing, and validating neural network classifiers so that cancer can be more accurately classified and therapy can be personally tailored for optimal response.’
    • ‘Then new slides were prepared from the same blood cultures and counted twice by image analysis, employing classifiers A and B, respectively.’
    • ‘The objective of this article is to describe several of the more widely used machine learning classifiers that may have utility when used with empirical population genetics data.’
    • ‘In this high-dimensional feature space, a linear classifier, or nonlinear kernel classifier, is constructed, and the model is used to discriminate samples belonging to two different groups.’
    • ‘On the other hand, a nonlinear classifier might give a better classification result even though extra caution needs to be exercised to avoid overfitting data with superfluous biomarkers.’
    • ‘The fundamental algorithm associated with these taxonomic logics is a classifier which inputs a system of definitions and outputs the entailment relations between defined and primitive concepts.’
    • ‘For our task, we have chosen 2 very simple classifiers, the decision tree and the Naive Bayes classifier, because they allow easy interpretation of the reasons behind their predictions.’
    • ‘It is, however, the sort of book that poses a problem for classifiers: what shelf to put it on?’
    • ‘He was one of the outstanding naturalists and classifiers of his time; and he had fruitful ideas about evolution.’
    • ‘The convergence of these products is the theme of an international conference in Sydney this week, where censors and classifiers are discussing how to address the challenge of ratings, or if we even need to regulate these products at all.’
    • ‘This would enable them to be trained to the appropriate standard and provide continuity of service when the department classifiers were withdrawn.’
    • ‘We do seem to be habitual classifiers (we do classify things into natural kinds), and we do search for the ‘true nature’ of things in order to better understand them.’
    1. 1.1Linguistics An affix or word that indicates the semantic class to which a word belongs.
      ‘the English negative classifier ‘un-’’
      • ‘Classifier languages typically dispose of a range of classifiers, which focus on the properties of the instance (perceptual, functional, etc.)’
      • ‘Language is a classifier without which we feel lost, said Golay.’
      • ‘A look at a non-western language such as Dyirbal reveals a four-way classification, so that each noun must be preceded by a classifier telling what category it belongs to.’