Definition of classified in English:



  • 1Arranged in classes or categories.

    ‘a classified catalogue of books’
    • ‘The catch is that they can only call the numbers listed in the business and classified pages of the new phone book.’
    • ‘It appears that at least two classified books were used in this system.’
    • ‘For the first time, the directory contains classified and traditional A-Z listings together in one book.’
    • ‘Robert Teesdale, head gardener for Lord Carlisle at Castle Howard, compiled a classified catalogue of 197 rare plants in 1794.’
    • ‘In addition to the individual entries there are many valuable aids: a classified list of contents, glossary, chronology, maps, genealogies, a guide to further reading and an index.’
    • ‘They admitted a ‘technical glitch’ caused two North Yorkshire towns to be missed out of the new classified section of the phone book.’
    • ‘It was in the classified section, just after an ad asking if anyone wanted to join a volleyball team.’
    1. 1.1attributive (of newspaper or magazine advertisements) organized in categories according to what is being advertised.
      ‘classified advertisements’
      ‘the classified columns of the newspaper’
      • ‘Check your local newspaper for classified listings that advertise affordable evening classes for adults.’
      • ‘He bought all the motorbike magazines and newspapers with classified ads and invited private sellers to display their bikes in his shops.’
      • ‘Check the classified ads in the newspapers too.’
      • ‘Most newspaper sites have classified ads, local movie listings, and many even have restaurant directories.’
      • ‘Because classified advertising is sold by the line, abbreviations are used to save space.’
      • ‘If the amendments are passed - and we are yet to see that happen - we will have no newspaper advertising, except for advertisements in the classified columns.’
      • ‘Worrying about employment gave Patrick a headache, and he dismissed the thoughts, telling himself that he would read the classified ads in the newspaper later.’
      • ‘Take along your unwanted goods and sell them for instant cash, which beats selling via the classified adverts in newspapers, car boot sales or over the Internet.’
      • ‘Only one newspaper reported its classified ads as an important source of online income (it represents 40 percent of the paper's total revenue).’
      • ‘Or consider buying used equipment, which may be available at some athletic stores and through newspaper classified ads.’
      • ‘For days, he'd eagerly read each and every classified ad in the newspaper, and he'd already applied for several jobs.’
      • ‘We suggest to our customers that they use our ads, for instance, in conjunction with a local classified ad in their newspaper.’
      • ‘Here's how: find one or two fellow car enthusiasts, either people you trust, or people you can find from a taking out a small classified ad in a newspaper.’
      • ‘However, classified adverts in magazines show dealers advertising cars with higher mileage than yours for nearer £8,000.’
      • ‘The second type can be located via newspaper classified ads.’
      • ‘How can an online classified ads stand out from the others?’
      • ‘Newspaper websites and some print editions often offer free classified ads for such situations.’
      • ‘But I can't imagine paying for a newspaper classified ad to sell a car again.’
      • ‘Pointing out that the newspaper carries 4,000 classified advertisements every day, he said the massage section was probably the smallest part.’
      • ‘You could use classified ads in local newspapers and on the Internet - many of these are also free.’
    2. 1.2British (of a road) assigned to a category according to its importance within the overall system of road numbering.
      • ‘They were concerned that the property had encroached on a classified road, thereby reducing the width.’
      • ‘The more important of the non-principal classified roads are numbered with a ‘B’ prefix.’
  • 2(of information or documents) designated as officially secret and accessible only to authorized people.

    ‘classified information on nuclear experiments’
    • ‘Administrative personnel providing unauthorised access to classified information or enabling its dissemination will face three years in prison or community service.’
    • ‘The maximum penalty would be imposed on people who knowingly spread classified information or provided access to it to other parties.’
    • ‘He was assigned the task of sending highly classified combat information to assigned receivers via electric codes.’
    • ‘One can speculate about what kinds of classified documents they could've been after.’
    • ‘Roberts even says that Rockefeller expressed support for the program in subsequent classified briefings.’
    • ‘This is a classified document and is not intended for public release.’
    • ‘It is very serious if they were collecting and disseminating cheap political dirt from a classified document labeled ‘secret.’’
    • ‘While some portion of it remains classified, much is available to the public.’
    • ‘They've got tons of classified material and information that none of us have.’
    • ‘To the CIA, however, the code name remains classified.’
    • ‘Virtually all of the formerly classified reports are now readily available.’
    • ‘Yet in principle, the freedom to access information is not intended to allow people to access classified information.’
    • ‘Planning for possible action will be ‘compartmentalised’ to ensure the fewest number of people have access to classified information.’
    • ‘They also include details gleaned from formerly classified Israeli documents written in Hebrew, which many researchers normally overlook.’
    • ‘It's still an unexact science, especially considering that he does not have access to any of the classified information that official decisionmakers are working from.’
    • ‘I've been in no classified briefing that said he has stopped his program.’
    • ‘Think about a powerful government official leaking sensitive classified information to the press solely to discredit a critic of the government's policy.’
    • ‘I should mention here that merely having a certain level of Security Clearance does not mean one is authorized to view classified information.’
    • ‘According to him, officially he would not have access to classified information but if the Prime Minister decided to give him certain documents, he would have to read them.’
    • ‘There are only three levels of classified material: confidential, secret, top-secret.’
    private, personal, intimate, privileged, quiet
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  • Small advertisements placed in a newspaper and organized in categories.

    • ‘It's a fairly startling projection of a future that's looking increasingly bleak for newspaper classifieds.’
    • ‘Nonrefundable tickets used to be regularly advertised in the newspaper classifieds.’
    • ‘Today, if you go to a typical newspaper classifieds site, you find yourself in a silo.’
    • ‘I will never look at the classifieds section in quite the same way again.’
    • ‘Although several vendors were converting newspapers' classifieds for the Web, none had ventured into inserts.’
    • ‘He already had a listing of local restaurants, as well as a section for free local classifieds.’
    • ‘Smith and others went to Winnipeg, Canada, after hearing that a newspaper there offered free classifieds.’
    • ‘Now, I've sold cars before using newspaper classifieds, but my recollection is of getting fewer inquiries.’
    • ‘Here's an example: The general merchandise categories of newspaper classifieds are among the most threatened.’
    • ‘If they get too skimpy, the public may decide that newspaper classifieds aren't an effective local marketplace.’
    • ‘They will both feature a mix of news and sport, classifieds and advertisements.’
    • ‘Leaving out classifieds, a newspaper's business model revolves around connecting local buyers to local merchants.’
    • ‘Maybe I should place an advert in the local classifieds.’
    • ‘In the back of the classifieds was a small advert.’
    • ‘Such tickets used to be advertised regularly in newspaper classifieds.’
    • ‘Every segment of newspaper classifieds is under attack from the online juggernaut, of course.’
    • ‘Would you place classifieds in regional newspapers?’
    • ‘Then, I could pick up the local newspaper and hopefully the classifieds would have some jobs.’
    • ‘There's plenty of time for local media to step up to bat with free classifieds and compete effectively.’
    • ‘Traditional newspaper classifieds likely will maintain relationships only with an older demographic.’