Definition of classicalism in English:



  • See classical

    • ‘You can taste the romance and refinement of European classicalism, the luxury and generosity of American pragmatism, the tenderness and delicacy of the Orient and the ardor of the tropical islands.’
    • ‘He is among those who contend classicalism is coming back in style in many American cities, pointing to Nashville, among other cities, where the new public library in downtown and its newest concert hall were built in a classical rather than modernist style.’
    • ‘Our oil paintings have different styles such as classicalism, impressionism and realism.’
    • ‘At the beginning of the 19th century, for example, the ‘newer’ paradigm of positivism emerged to challenge the ‘older’ paradigm of classicalism.’
    • ‘The artist used a combination of impressionism and classicalism.’