Definition of class A (or B or C) drug in English:

class A (or B or C) drug


  • An illegal narcotic drug classified as being of the most harmful and addictive (or a less harmful and addictive) kind, possession or sale of which incurs corresponding legal penalties.

    • ‘That is significant, because if the drug is a class A drug, the maximum penalty for supply is life imprisonment.’
    • ‘He has previous convictions for possession of class A drugs, shoplifting, obstructing police and dealing heroin.’
    • ‘The focus of Operation Crackdown will centre on closing drug dens, disrupting class A drug markets, seizing illegal firearms and bringing dealers to justice.’
    • ‘Cannabis is being dropped from a class B drug to a class C drug with a similar drop in penalty for possession.’
    • ‘People taking class A drugs (cocaine and heroin) cost society millions of pounds a year.’
    • ‘He was jailed for 30 months for possession of class A drugs, namely heroin and cocaine, with intent to supply.’
    • ‘The move comes as part of the government's overall drug strategy, which focuses on class A drugs, such as heroin and crack/cocaine, which are believed to cause the greatest harm to individuals, their families and communities.’
    • ‘The sale of class B drugs would be illegal except for therapeutic purposes, but R18 possession would be legal.’
    • ‘The Government is reclassifying cannabis from a class B to a class C drug as part of its overall drug strategy to focus on class A drugs, especially heroin and cocaine.’
    • ‘He was jailed for nine years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs and possession of cocaine and cannabis.’