Definition of class-conscious in English:



  • See class consciousness

    • ‘As his most class-conscious novel, Bleak House, suggests, the social hierarchies of the capital did not consist merely of a sharp contrast between the rich and the poor or between haves and have-nots.’
    • ‘In a more class-conscious era, the finishing school was a place where young ladies would be given training in etiquette, languages, and hospitality.’
    • ‘Political structures explain the absence of significant third or minor parties in America, but they do not account for the absence of social democratic and leftist class-conscious groups as political forces.’
    • ‘They sprang up during the period of the anti-socialist law as a ‘cover’ for socialist organization and to provide the battle-hymns for the class-conscious workers' army.’
    • ‘If the general sociability is taken as an expression of equality and goodwill, a class-conscious society might interpret this in terms of social conflict.’