Definition of Clarenceux in English:



  • (in the UK) the title given to the second King of Arms, with jurisdiction south of the Trent.

    • ‘His talent ensured regular promotion, as Richmond Herald in 1967, then to Norroy and Ulster King of Arms in 1980, and then 15 years later succeeding Sir Anthony Wagner as Clarenceux king of Arms.’
    • ‘Camden was a respected herald, being Clarenceux King-of-Arms from 1597 until his death.’
    • ‘A reader has sent us a copy of a letter written by John Brooke-Little, Clarenceux King of Arms at the College of Arms in London, responding to a notice offering an Irish title for sale.’
    • ‘Vanbrugh was Clarenceux king-of-arms and in 1714 was the first man knighted by George I.’
    • ‘From 1597 his position as Clarenceux king-of-arms gave him more time to devote to his passion for history.’


Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French, named after the dukedom of Clarence created for the second son of Edward II, married to the heiress of Clare in Suffolk.