Definition of clapper rail in English:

clapper rail


  • A large greyish rail (bird) of American coastal marshes, which has a distinctive clattering call.

    Rallus longirostris, family Rallidae

    • ‘The California clapper rail is a secretive marsh bird with a distinctive call.’
    • ‘Birders can watch migratory species such as endangered clapper rails, dowitchers, and American avocets from the platform at Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary.’
    • ‘Our biologists are working with Mexican and American partners now to recover the light-footed clapper rail, the Quino checkerspot butterfly, the ocelot, and many other species.’
    • ‘At present, so much water is sucked from the Colorado that the river often fails to reach the Sea of Cortez, dooming species like the endangered desert pupfish and the Yuma clapper rail.’
    • ‘The secretive California clapper rail, one of the original birds on the federal endangered species list with a current population of only 600, relies on salt marshes for its habitat.’