Definition of clap stick in English:

clap stick


  • An Aboriginal musical instrument consisting of one stick or boomerang beaten against another or a different object.

    ‘two teens beat out a rhythm with clap sticks’
    • ‘The band combined electric instruments with didgeridoo and clap sticks and flanked the musicians with dancers in striking body paint.’
    • ‘She had been attracted by the dancing and sounds of the accompanying clap sticks.’
    • ‘The didgeridoo and the clap sticks, those were our music.’
    • ‘We hear the sound of Aboriginal clap sticks, chanting, and dancing.’
    • ‘They first perform a ritual, using song, dance, and clap sticks, not to call the dolphins, but to get into a state which they call the Dreamtime.’
    • ‘In his one-man play, he sits next to a real campfire and uses props from his home, such as his crocodile harpoon and clap sticks, to illustrate his life.’
    • ‘He sits in a back pew, hitting his clap sticks in time with the hymns.’
    • ‘In these desert and semi-arid regions, music is performed with voice and the rhythm of clap sticks.’
    • ‘Clap sticks, coolamons, and boomerangs are just some examples of artefacts entered in the two-day competition.’
    • ‘You're now feeling as if you want to sing a song, and you want to make a clap stick, a woomera, a spear, or anything.’