Definition of clap someone in jail (or irons) in English:

clap someone in jail (or irons)


  • Put someone in prison (or in chains)

    ‘the ship's captain had the mutineers clapped in irons’
    • ‘The new king was able to clap two members of his father's ageing Council in the Tower before handing them over to the axe.’
    • ‘A cynical immigration official claps James in jail upon his arrival.’
    • ‘The dissident has said he aims to run for president against 24-year incumbent, although the president clapped him in jail for a lesser act of defiance only a few years ago.’
    • ‘The Parliamentarians were clapped in irons and taken away to Oxford to gaol.’
    • ‘He may as well have clapped me in irons and commenced flogging in front of the herds of law-abiding legal visitors.’
    • ‘If you even think about forming a labor union, you'll be clapped in irons.’
    • ‘There are no rehabilitation homes here and the police certainly cannot clap small children in jail just because they ask for money.’
    • ‘A group of officers descends on him, reads the arrest warrant, puts a bag over his head, and claps him in cuffs.’
    fling, cast, put, place
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