Definition of clannishness in English:



  • See clannish

    • ‘One of the most infamous examples in America of the Scottish tendency to clannishness is the Hatfield and McCoy feud of the 1880s in the Tug River Valley along the West Virginia and Kentucky border.’
    • ‘It's just as hard to penetrate the clannishness of islanders who've lived and played apart from the world for generations.’
    • ‘Finnish Americans soon developed a reputation for clannishness and hard work.’
    • ‘It's a nasty world, Scorsese agrees - a world of too much passion and too little sense, of ancient blood feuds and perilous clannishness.’
    • ‘There were few aircraft and few pilots but most of those pilots had been hand-picked and there was a distinct clannishness in the organization.’