Definition of clank in English:



  • A loud, sharp sound or series of sounds, as is made by pieces of metal being struck together.

    ‘the groan and clank of a winch’
    • ‘The last thing he remembered was a loud clank against his head… and then waking up in the backseat of a dingy car.’
    • ‘Her mother screeched and sat up abruptly, having the chair topple down onto the floor in a loud clank of noises.’
    • ‘The sand disappeared in a giant ‘whoosh’ and the empty hemispherical sections returned together with a sharp clank.’
    • ‘Locking his own door securely, he moved to the green safe sitting in the corner of the room and opened it with a loud clank.’
    • ‘There was a loud clank as the metal hit concrete.’
    • ‘The clank of cutlery was loud against the plate as Kaethe set them down and cleared her throat, smiling a little too brightly.’
    • ‘There was a sharp clank of silverware hitting the plate.’
    • ‘A small clank sounded and David looked down to see Julia rise with an old fashioned gold key.’
    • ‘A loud clank came from outside her door and they both stopped to listen, but no other sound made it to them.’
    • ‘The talk died away gradually until the only sound was the clank of the dishes.’
    • ‘I listened again and heard a horse, then the clank of metal.’
    • ‘A loud clank echoed out and Tsuko was thrown off balance.’
    • ‘Adrienne let go of her sword, which landed with a loud clank.’
    • ‘The sound of booted feet was punctuated by the occasional clank of metal and soft, guttural voices.’
    • ‘He heard the sounds of parts being welded and riveted together, and the clank of titanium against steel.’
    • ‘It sounded like a clank of metal and some scratching.’
    • ‘The clank of metal against metal filled the room.’
    • ‘With a loud clank, Pat dumped the money into the rusted box beside him.’
    • ‘Pavel drained his glass, set it on the table with a loud clank, and leaned back in his chair.’
    • ‘With a series of sharp metal clanks from each of the twelve locks the gateway swung open quietly on well oiled hinges to allow the travelers passage.’
    jangling, clanging, rattling, clinking, jingling, clunking, clattering
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  • Make or cause to make a clank.

    no object ‘I could hear the chain clanking’
    with object ‘he clanked his heavy ring of keys’
    • ‘He laughed long and hard, bent over his knees, his armor jangling and clanking as his empty chest heaved.’
    • ‘He raced towards the lake, his feet clanking on the tin roof, her own footsteps a bit louder behind him.’
    • ‘Abbadon steered himself through the maze-like tower, his heavy boots clanking with each step.’
    • ‘She fidgets throughout our chat, clanking a spoon on the table, tearing at the sauce sachets.’
    • ‘The girl talked, he talked, the radiator clanked.’
    • ‘Hoyt's armor clinked and clanked with each step he took.’
    • ‘Less than a second later, the chains clanked against the wall.’
    • ‘Evan also clanked his chains as he shrugged and slouched further down in his seat, staring at his scarred wrists.’
    • ‘He clanked his chains, hoping someone on the floors above him would hear.’
    • ‘I walked over to him, my spurs clanking on the concrete platform and tipped the brim of my hat to him.’
    • ‘I haven't seen anyone wearing cowboy hats or heard any spurs clanking.’
    • ‘We headed over to where activity had been sighted, our heavy armor clanking ridiculously.’
    • ‘Gustav spoke, his voice fading and his armor clanking as he moved away.’
    • ‘Ryan abruptly hung up the phone, the old receiver clanking heavily into the set.’
    • ‘So if you see me driving round in a big, clanking heavy old thing, you will know that I got it right and chose the car.’
    • ‘We had no air conditioning in the warm months and clanking radiators in the winter.’
    • ‘His heavy plate armour clanked as he waved his shield arm and brandished a huge spiked mace.’
    • ‘The fork clanked against her plate loudly.’
    • ‘Then she led him down the hallway, his suit of armor clanking in rhythm with his steps.’
    • ‘They got off the bus and were led, leg chains clanking and dragging on the cobbles as they shuffled along, following the warder.’
    jangle, rattle, clink, clang, jingle, clunk, clatter
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Late Middle English (but rare before the mid 17th century): imitative.