Definition of clanger in English:



  • An absurd or embarrassing blunder:

    ‘the minister had dropped a massive political clanger’
    • ‘The chairman of the independent community group, said: ‘I think they've dropped a clanger.’’
    • ‘Wonderfully athletic and with matchless distribution, he performed miracles for Liverpool during their palmiest days and dropped a few horrific clangers as well.’
    • ‘Robertson has strong ideas about where he wants to be artistically, but admits to some clangers in his 13-year career.’
    • ‘She said: ‘This is a basic error and a real clanger.’’
    • ‘Somebody's dropped a clanger and at tomorrow's meeting I'll be trying to see how we can stop the same thing from happening again.’
    • ‘I am not an apologist for him - he did commit an enormous clanger in a very public way at the game - but all the time he has been open and accessible to his questioners.’
    • ‘Your clangers are so obvious and often crucial that they're always highlighted.’
    • ‘Television, of course, has its fair share of classics and clangers.’
    • ‘Sometimes I drop a clanger, sometimes I make a mistake other times I get it right.’
    • ‘And yet you just know they're going to drop a clanger somewhere along the line - probably in the quarter-finals.’
    • ‘Is it because those at the top have dropped a clanger and don't like to admit it?’
    • ‘One man said: ‘The council dropped a clanger by passing the planning application for the hospital.’’
    • ‘I am not knocking the hospital because as I said they do a good job but in this case they have dropped a bit of a clanger.’
    • ‘In an embarrassing clanger, it seems they massively misjudged the scale of the fine they would receive.’
    • ‘She has now made a public apology for the clanger and is writing to council bosses to say sorry after her remarks outraged people in the town, including political, business and sports leaders.’
    • ‘Sure, he has dropped a few clangers at the club, none more so than the ridiculed Nuno Capucho, but the risk of a faulty product grows when you rummage about in the bargain bins.’
    • ‘Let's look at the clangers the Council has dropped.’
    • ‘One minute he was committing world-class clangers, the next he was executing world-class saves.’
    • ‘Here is a small sample of clangers from Thursday afternoon.’
    • ‘I sometimes feel that the best goalkeeper is the one who makes the fewest clangers.’
    error, fault, inaccuracy, omission, slip, blunder, miscalculation, misunderstanding, flaw, oversight, misinterpretation, fallacy, gaffe, faux pas, solecism, misapprehension, misconception, misreading
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