Definition of clamantly in English:



  • See clamant

    • ‘To this day - or at any rate until two or three years ago - Germans were clamantly ‘European’: ‘a European Germany, not a German Europe’, as Chancellor Kohl, quoting Thomas Mann, used to say.’
    • ‘Here the exotic accents are presented but they emerge and play chase with a whole palette of cut-glass avant-garde paraphernalia - both clamantly violent and dreamily disengaged.’
    • ‘They are well sung and the orchestral role is given the attention its attractions clamantly demand.’
    • ‘Do not these terrible figures plead eloquently and clamantly for a revision and reform of our existing hospital system?’
    • ‘The old cry of ‘injustice to the Arabs’ has, of course, been raised, not only by the Arabs themselves but even more clamantly by the European ‘pro-Arabs’, whether workers in the refugee camps or not.’