Definition of claggy in English:



  • Tending to form clots; sticky.

    ‘claggy mud’
    • ‘When it's straight out of the fridge it's like claggy cotton wool, so allow it to sit out in a cool place for 15 minutes before using it.’
    • ‘But it's hard to rush when your feet are claggy with thick black clay mud from trying to drag the mailman, on his weekly run from Cloncurry, out of the sticky quagmire that the main road to Burketown turns into every wet season.’
    • ‘By the time they got to the dining room, the dumplings were claggy and stuck to the steamers and the molluscs were all gone.’
    • ‘Most of the traditional rugby powers - the ones that have made the last eight of this World Cup - have a slightly claggy, earthbound feel about them.’
    • ‘We left them for a field side path that optimistically is a margin path in the making, but was claggy on the boots.’
    • ‘They're only dancing slowly, mind, because their feet are sticking to the claggy mat.’
    • ‘This is especially useful if the garden is in a cold spot and prone to late frosts or if wet weather has made the soil claggy.’
    sticky, sticking, adhering, adherent, clinging, tacky, gluey, gummy, gummed, cohesive, viscous, viscid, glutinous, mucilaginous
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Late 16th century: perhaps of Scandinavian origin; compare with Danish klag ‘sticky mud’.