Definition of clacket in English:



[no object]
  • Make a series of sharp sounds as a result of a hard object striking another.

    ‘the tranquil clacketing of the train’
    • ‘It's a place where you'd expect to bump into the next up and coming writer, clacketing away on his laptop, or a photographer snapping pictures of a model on a location shoot.’
    • ‘She could hear only the clacketing of the typewriter or the scrape of a pen across a yellow page.’
    • ‘There's an ice cream plant and softly clacketing, passing trains.’
    • ‘As I sit here, clacketing away at the keyboard I'm looking at possible songs to plop up here on the server.’
    • ‘I could see, hear, feel, and even smell that engine clacketing down the track pulling the train around each curve!’
    beat, rhythm, patter, tap, chatter, pounding, thump, thumping, thud, thudding, rattle, rattling, pitter-patter, rat-a-tat, pit-a-pat, thrum, tattoo, vibration, throb, throbbing, pulsation
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Late 16th century: from French claquet, from claquer ‘to clack’.