Definition of clack in English:



  • 1Make a sharp sound or series of sounds as a result of a hard object striking another:

    [no object] ‘he heard the sound of her heels clacking across flagstones’
    [with object] ‘he clacked the bones together’
    • ‘Her blue satin heels clacked alarmingly in the empty hall, but she didn't care.’
    • ‘The sound of DVD cases clacking together brought her back to the video store and she looked toward the sound to see Blake absently flipping through DVDs in a drawer.’
    • ‘Tyler and Nannette's glasses clack together when they kiss for example, and the excuses they find to hang out with one another are both convincing and romantic.’
    • ‘With a click of a sharp heel, Mrs. Watson clacked down a narrow sidewalk leading to a small brick building.’
    • ‘She spoke under her breath, clacked her tongue in her mouth like a lizard, fanned herself with a piece of paper drawn from her bag.’
    • ‘Her knitting needles clicked and clacked rhythmically as he pulled the wool from the ball.’
    • ‘The piper takes up his flute; someone else clacks maracas.’
    • ‘A grand dame made her entry, progressing to the front row, clacking her heels all the way.’
    • ‘His boots clicked and clacked across the hard stone floor.’
    • ‘The echo of foot steps on the hard wood floor clacked through the house.’
    • ‘Faith's white heels clacked on the pavement as they headed for the wide church double doors.’
    • ‘Every visitor is given a pair of hardwood rhythm sticks which they clack together while circling four traditionally painted warriors.’
    • ‘With that, she turned on her pink heels and clacked her way out of the alley.’
    • ‘I like the way trees move in the wind, the sound their branches make as they clack together in the leafless winter.’
    • ‘Her heels clacked on the cement in an almost professional manner as the doctor stepped towards the doors.’
    • ‘My teeth began clacking together as soon as we went out into the night, as my warm, sluggish body adjusted to the change.’
    • ‘He'd just clack and clack away at that keyboard.’
    • ‘The demon clacked its long talons together, a scowl on its ugly face.’
    • ‘The teacher's pink high heels clicked and clacked as they made their way back to the front of the room.’
    • ‘Her high heels clacked on the cement floor as she hurried to her car.’
    1. 1.1archaic [no object] Chatter loudly:
      ‘he will sit clacking for hours’
      chatter, babble, prate, blather, blether, ramble, gabble, jabber, twitter, go on, run on, rattle away, rattle on, blither, maunder, drivel, patter, gossip, tittle-tattle, tattle, yap, jibber-jabber, cackle
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  • 1A sharp sound or series of sounds:

    ‘the clack of her high heels’
    • ‘From downstairs, I heard the clack of the front door.’
    • ‘There are scrapings on stones, the clack of sticks.’
    • ‘He listened carefully as the footsteps moved into the next room - the clacks turning to taps as the man's boots touched the cold tiles of the kitchen.’
    • ‘He put his tea down with a clack and stood abruptly.’
    • ‘The jar tipped over, and hundreds of wooden clacks could be heard as the pencils littered the ground.’
    • ‘Sally heard a sharp clack as the dragon's jaws unhinged, and a blast of foul breath washed over them.’
    • ‘Forcefully working her knitting needles, Morgana uttered no reply, the clack of her needles the only sound in the room for several moments.’
    • ‘The fierce clack of tiles on table announces that a mah-jong game is under way in the village of Willow Grove.’
    • ‘She sighed from behind him and he heard a small clack as she set her brush down.’
    • ‘Just then the front door slammed and the clack of shoes was heard on the wood floor.’
    • ‘He closed the oaken door behind them gently, trying to muffle the resounding clack as the lock caught in the latch with a hand.’
    • ‘She had no love for sewing, but sometimes enjoyed working at the loom and hearing its rhythmic clack.’
    • ‘After that you might as well drink to the peacefulness too, uninterrupted but for the clack of a distant tractor.’
    • ‘They mark our passing with a reproachful squawk and a clack of their fishy bills.’
    • ‘Unrolling it with a few clacks, he revealed the map's contents.’
    • ‘And with a click and a clack, the chain was locked on both of his feet in mere seconds.’
    • ‘Chris could hear the soft clack of Mr. Marshall's shoes against the marble floor as he walked to get the doorbell.’
    • ‘Eventually he heard the soft clack of footsteps.’
    • ‘He finished loading the gun and closed the cartridge with a clack.’
    • ‘The marble floor makes an impressive clack when walked upon it, and all tones are rich and vibrant.’
    1. 1.1archaic [mass noun] Loud chatter:
      ‘her clack would go all day’
      chat, talk, gossip, chit-chat, chitter-chatter, patter, jabbering, jabber, prattling, prattle, babbling, babble, tittle-tattle, tattle, blathering, blather, blethering, blether, rambling, gibbering
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Middle English: imitative.