Definition of city editor in English:

city editor


  • 1British A person dealing with financial news in a newspaper.

  • 2North American A person dealing with local news in a newspaper.

    • ‘You know how all of us journalists seem to have had a first city editor who fit the stereotypes?’
    • ‘A few in the group are full-time newsroom trainers, but most who work in newsrooms do training in addition to another important job - recruiter, reporter, city editor, presentation editor, managing editor.’
    • ‘I glanced from the managing editor to the man at my left, my city editor for more than a decade.’
    • ‘It was raining and the city editor told me to use a pencil to take notes because a pen would run all over my notebook in the rain.’
    • ‘I'm the city editor at a fairly small daily, and I'm working with a fairly young crop of journalists.’
    • ‘As city editor of the Akron Beacon-Journal in 1971, he headed the reporting team that won a Pulitzer prize for its coverage of the Kent State shootings.’
    • ‘Wherever old newspaper dogs gather to pass around the bonded whisky and reminisce about the golden days, one argument sure to arise is which of them faced the scariest city editor when he started out as a cub reporter.’
    • ‘The young woman now serves as an assistant city editor.’
    • ‘Among the newspaper staffers contributing starting chapters are the city editor, arts editor, book critic, a columnist, and several reporters.’
    • ‘There once was a city editor in Cleveland who came to work every day and reached up to pull a string that would turn on a light over his desk.’
    • ‘He is currently an Urban Affairs reporter for the Houston Chronicle where he has worked for the past 20 years as a reporter and an assistant city editor.’
    • ‘The editorial staff consisted of seven reporters and one city editor.’
    • ‘She considered it fluff, lacking the grit and substance she pursued first as an investigative bureau reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in Fort Worth, Texas, and then as an assistant city editor for the Dallas Times Herald.’
    • ‘The city editor, understandably, was dubious.’
    • ‘So the city editor sends her out to cover a tenement fire at 3 a.m., with the temperature at seven below zero.’
    • ‘With such sort notice, I had to rely on the city editor for all the details.’
    • ‘I eventually landed at The Des Moines Register, where my city editor once told me that ‘You can find stories in your sleep.’’
    • ‘The Times was looking for an assistant managing editor and a city editor.’
    • ‘An authoritative voice, none other than my city editor, boomed out with a certain you-better-take-it quality.’
    • ‘If one works for a passion-hating city editor, it's imperative to think and act like a spy.’


city editor