Definition of citril in English:


(also citril finch)


  • A small European and African finch related to the canary, with generally yellowish-green plumage.

    Genus Serinus, family Fringillidae: two species

    • ‘Higher up are snow finches on the bare screes and, lower, citril finches are found where the trees and bare ground meet.’
    • ‘In this area citril finches can be found along with crested tits and crossbills; rock buntings occur in the more stony areas.’
    • ‘Higher areas are inhabited by citril finches and water pipits, peregrine falcons and griffon vultures.’
    • ‘The citril finch is a highly localised bird, found exclusively in Europe.’
    • ‘The same trapper also made history when he netted the country's very first citril finch.’


Late 17th century: apparently from Italian citrinella, diminutive of citrina ‘citrine-coloured (bird)’.