Definition of Citizens' Advice Bureau in English:

Citizens' Advice Bureau

proper noun

trademark in UK
  • An organization that provides members of the public with free advice and information on matters relating to civil law and rights.

    • ‘The Citizens' Advice Bureau in York is helping many more people ‘whose household budgets have become impossible under this system’.’
    • ‘The office gives residents access to the Internet, job and benefit information, council services and the Citizens' Advice Bureau.’
    • ‘For it not to have a Citizens' Advice Bureau would be unthinkable.’
    • ‘Last year, the Citizens' Advice Bureau dealt with nearly 1.1 million debt-related issues - an increase of 74% over the last seven years.’
    • ‘She turned to the Citizens' Advice Bureau for help and today the Basildon bureau revealed how thousands of people have been allowed to build up massive debts that bear little relation to their incomes.’
    • ‘This is a free Citizens' Advice Bureau service to counsel and advise those with debt problems.’
    • ‘The Citizens' Advice Bureau will benefit from refurbished, accessible office accommodation and attractive counselling rooms.’
    • ‘If I have not heard from you by that date, then I shall proceed on the basis that you do not wish me to approach the Citizens' Advice Bureau.’
    • ‘To get the ball rolling, we arranged weekly sessions on board, with a Job Shop on Tuesdays and a Citizens' Advice Bureau on Wednesdays.’
    • ‘I am considering going to the Citizens' Advice Bureau.’
    • ‘I have been on a waiting list since September last year and I have contacted social services, the Citizens' Advice Bureau and the Trowbridge MP for help.’
    • ‘Please go to your local post office, or the Citizens' Advice Bureau for more information.’
    • ‘Many people in north Wiltshire are not seeking help for basic problems, according to the Citizens' Advice Bureau.’
    • ‘The team has been set up to provide advice on debt and welfare and is based at the Citizens' Advice Bureau offices in Farnworth.’
    • ‘We have also ended up being something like a Citizens' Advice Bureau - we are always here to lend people a friendly ear and help out when we can.’
    • ‘Volunteers are wanted to become involved in a busy Citizens' Advice Bureau office dealing with the public, both on the telephone and face-to-face, and providing some administrative support.’
    • ‘A grant worth thousands of pounds will help the Citizens' Advice Bureau improve its advice and information services.’
    • ‘I went to the Citizens' Advice Bureau for advice and they advised me there would be a duty solicitor at the court for me to see.’
    • ‘Local Citizens' Advice Bureaux will also be more than happy to advise and help fill in any paperwork at no cost.’
    • ‘Recent controversies including the council's decision to reduce the hours of the Citizens' Advice Bureau and its handling of the Sunday market fiasco have raised questions about the council's conduct.’